I am IAN RAMON and I am convinced that you did not arrive on this page by chance. I would be happy to help you move to a new level of consciousness of health, joy & energy while releasing any of your subconscious negative programing that could cause you suffering or confusion.

At the age of 8 years old i received my first initiation in healing palms Radiance Technique, work with balance energy of crystals. I played telepathy games with my father, learn to detect energies invisible to most people. If me or a member of my family had a pain, sick i would hold my hands for a while and allow energy to balance.

All was fun until i went to school and I  was shocked to discover most people do not believe this at all, and actually consider it demonic. So even though I passionately wanted to share the beautiful healing light of SOUL which can make you feel total peace inside, clear mind, better feeling, more balanced physical body I had to hide this gift until much later on. Working in big corporation as IT phone support, most people started calling because they felt good and wanted therapy for them and family members. So I was called to transition to helping people balance their energy system and be more joyful, balanced and energized every day.

At the age of 25 years I received a huge energy system upgrade (Axiotonal Reconnection, heart Merkaba activation) and learned how to help other people activate their super-powers to bring more inner peace, balance for themselves and their families.

I BELIEVE THAT THE HUMAN ORGANISM IS PROGRAMMED BY GOD FOR COMPLETE WELL-BEING, but… if the human mind is full of worries, fears, guilt, shame, frustration strong enough and long enough, the physical body gives in, begins to break down, to degrade.

I am a business consultant, project manager, i manage funds of 1 to 5 million $. I worked with Ian Ramon and i felt an amazing connection with my higher self, i felt to strenght, the beauty of my soul. It clearly helped me to manage my big projects with more ease, clarity of focus because I gained more inner peace. I recommend Ian Ramon as an excelent healer to anyone who wants more peace and ease in their lifes.
Mohamad A - USA
project manager
I heard of Ramon from a friend, i bought a workshop recording about energy of money. I give him 100 euro, and by applying his exercises for clearing my energy field of money blocks, i made 1400 euro in 2 months. I was working as volunteer for an organization for over a year.I never made so much money!! This might seem science fiction (money energy) but you apply and you see results! It is real! now i can do these practice all my life and make a lot more money.
Ema - Germany
medical assistant
I took a live training with Ramon and my whole life got better. Then i bought his workshop recording about Spiritual laws of money for 100 euro. By applying his exercises I earned over 3200 euro in about 30 days. Never happened before!
Nicoleta - Romania
My company had a huge drop in income since we lost our main client. Banks would not lend any more money. We were in debt 4 milion euro and all I was thinking was how can I tell 400 employees they do not have a job, and how would I pay so much money. So i could not sleep at night because of massive stress, I was so tired and stressed that I could not give my wife, my child attention they need. I worked with Ramon and in 2 days he managed to help me be able to relax mind so much I could sleep and get up rested, wake up energized, hopeful. I was able to spend quality time with family. He teach me how to rise my energy and in few months solution (money needed) came. We actually had so much new contracts we had to hire new people.
Jose I - Romania